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Let's get to the bottom of this,

shall we?

Most toilet clogs are visible and occur ​at the beginning of the waste trap.

Toilet plungers are useful ​for clogs farther back in the waste trap ​but most of the time they are unnecessary, messy, unsanitary and difficult to clean.

Our cool design, great for ​clearing the way.

The Toiletsaber features dual surface tensions. This advanced design makes the curved portion resistant to bending backward, meaning it can clear excess waste away from the waste trap.

F​inish the job with minimum effort.

Our unique design uses precise contours and the flexible​-elastic nature of the inside tapered portion to bend around the waste trap curve and poke through the remaining clog.

Hanging hole for storage

Comfortable, easy-to-hold handle

Anti-slip hand grip

Heavy-duty shaft

Rigid support section

Non-stick, wipe clean surface

Strong, flexible, curved head

Blunt non-scratch tip

Size and Weight

1.41 inches (36.0 mm)

0.98 inch (25.0 mm)

Height: 27.91 inches (709.0 mm)

Width: 0.98 inch (25.0 mm)

Depth: 1.41 inches (36.0 mm)

Weight: 8.60 ounces (244 grams)

27.91 inches
(709 mm)


100% recycled plastic