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Our Story

Hi. We’re Toiletsaber,

the Clog Company.

We believe innovation is the superpower that creates a better world.

We’ve spent years studying the science of clogs. The more we learn, the more we’re sure: The right tool changes everything. It makes unclogging a toilet easier, faster, safer... even cooler-and-funner. If we all had the right tools, we'd have more time for doing the things we enjoy.

So we dreamed a big dream

We started creating an outrageously brilliant tool to unclog toilets and shipping it to your door in a tiny box. Now, flush with success, our mission has only grown...

We’re bringing joy to homes

We're on a roll butt we want this to be a bigger movement. We’re creating ways to turn clogs into smiles from cheek to cheek — one person at a time.

At the end of the day, we give a

No, really. A clogged toilet can leave you feeling pooped. We believe that improving the way the world unclogs toilets also means improving people's everyday lives. We are also committed to protecting the planet.

Our researchers, designers, and engineers at Toiletsaber Labs spend their waking hours studying clogs and creating products that make life easier.

Life made easier 

The plastic a Toiletsaber is made with is 100% recycled plastic that performs every bit as well as virgin plastic.

Plastic recycling

Toiletsaber is designed to withstand years of use and be ready for more because the longer you use your tool, the better it is for the planet.

Durable materials